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Low Impact Development (LID) Guidance

In lieu of development activity and associated stormwater management, the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change is developing a draft manual for Low Impact Development (LID) guidance. LID is a response measure to stormwater management, which aims to maintain the health of streams, lakes and aquatic life. Ultimately the goal is to maintain the natural hydrologic cycle, prevent increased flooding and undesirable stream erosion, and to protect water quality. The purpose of the guidance manual is to clarify the ministry’s expectations with regard to LID stormwater management, and related runoff volume and water quality control expectations. The manual will provide transparency and consistency for the ministry’s expectations with respect to employing LID techniques. Such techniques mimic the natural environment by infiltrating, filtering, storing and holding back water runoff close to its source.

Public input was sought on two reports which led to the development of a draft LID manual that was posted on the Environmental Registry for comment. The comments obtained through this process will inform the LID guidance manual in its final form. The manual has yet to be finalized although the guidance established in this document is highly anticipated. Some municipalities, such as the City of Barrie, have developed interim guidance documents to establish a baseline for minimum standards and guide best practice engineering in the absence of guidance from the MOECC.

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