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Town of Innisfil Section 37 Height & Density Implementation Guidelines

As per Section 37 of the Planning Act, municipalities have the right to implement height and density bonusing policies, in which proposals for development requesting height and density above the Zoning By-Law provisions are permitted to be approved in exchange for community benefits. The Town of Innisfil permits Section 37 agreements through the Official Plan, however, a Section 37 agreement has yet to be established. The Town expects to receive more development applications in the future requesting additional height and density to assist in meeting the targets set out in the Provincial Growth Plan.

As such, the Town determined guidance was needed. On May 31st, 2018 the Town of Innisfil held a Developers Liaison Group meeting to consult with professionals in the industry and discuss comments received from the public in this regard. On August 8th, 2018 the Town brought forth a document titled Guidelines for Implementing Section 37 of the Planning Act (Height and Density Bonusing) to Council for adoption.

The guidelines provide a comprehensive framework outlining how Section 37 policies will be implemented, as well as provide transparency to local residents regarding the anticipated future growth, and how such growth will be adequately managed to ensure public interests are being considered.

The bonusing policies will only apply to the following development applications:

> If the proposed development is to be higher than the allowable maximum height in the Zoning By-law for areas designated Downtown Commercial Areas or Major Transit Station Areas as determined in the Official Plan

> If the proposed development is to be 25% higher than the maximum density as permitted in the Zoning By-law.

The benefits are to be determined by the applicant/owner but must be consistent with applicable policies.

Additional information can be found here:

August 8, 2018 Council Meeting Agenda


Staff Report and Guidelines for Implementing Section 37 Height and Density Bonusing