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Stress on Fire Services to Rise

Barrie fire says expansion of the city could bring added pressure

There were 8,000 calls to Barrie Fire and Emergency Service in 2014 with 60 per cent of those calls being for medical issues. Those are just two of the findings in the latest annual report prepared for Barrie city council on Monday night.

Barrie's fire chief presented the report, as part of on-going monitoring by the city and the province. The report shows that June was the busiest month of the year in 2014.

"Over the last five years we've seen a 30 per cent increase in the number of incidents that we respond to and with new lands being developed in the next few years, that number will consistently increase," says Chief John Lynn.

Lynn stressed the importance of watching the city?s expansion over the coming years, as it could put a strain on the department.

?We have to keep a very watchful eye on the expansion of the city and the pressure that it's putting on the service. (We) need to look at developing business cases for the future of the department.?

Of the 8,000 calls last year, 94 resulted in nearly $4 million in property damage.