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The Services We Offer

The Jones Consulting Group Ltd. offers services in planning, engineering and surveying. Our design teams are comprised of experiences and recognized professionals in their fields who are focused on providing innovative solutions to complex projects. Our project management and technical experience has been proven to address the project issues in an integrated and efficient manner.

Quality Assurance

We have detailed policies and procedures for quality control relating to project management and all submissions. Each report/submission is reviewed by a senior professional with experience in that particular field. Our procedures also help to ensure that scheduling commitments are met and that we complete the job on budget.

The Jones Consulting Group Ltd. is a land use consulting firm offering skills in Planning, Engineering and Surveying. A client's core needs are satisfied

We also offer specialized planning services in the field of renewable energy projects. The rapid growth of a relatively new land use is creating land use

All field work is completed using the latest Total Station technology and GPS technology gathered by full time field crews (having engineering inspection,